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(7) bingo na domową From the book, "A History of the Marranos by Cecil Roth.
Many of the names listed here represent the famous names of Jewish/Sephardic Argentina.
(11) List of (mostly) Sephardic brides from the publication, "List of 7300 Names of Jewish Brides and Grooms who married in Izmir Between the Years.
For those tracing Sephardim from Spain to England or to Amsterdam, this book can be most valuable.It is possible that some Sephardic names not well identified are not listed.(10) From the book, "The Jews of Rhodes by Marc.Benmayor(14) a Cathan(1) a Levie(1) a Levy(18) a Pereira Brando(1) A;bas(46) A;basa(46) A;vares Machado(46) Aabela(46) Aabenasta(45) Aabencres(45) Aabenhaim(46) Aabenviva(45 45) Aabenzue(43) Aabuzaglo(46) Aaleva(29) Aaro(29) Aarons(25) Aba Mazal(11) Aba Sinioru(11) Aba(15 31/5/16 46) Ababa(46) Abaca(46) Abacassis(46) Abacen(43) Abaco(46) Abadalla(29 45) Abade(3 46) Abadee(46) Abadey(2 46) Abadi(46). Apellidos judios en documentos medievales del Reino de Murcia. .(8) From the book, "Jews in Colonial Brazil by Arnold Wizhitzer.Apellidos de los Portugueses de Santiago del Estero.Barnett and Philip Wright.
Published by Laurence Abensur-Hazan and Philip Abensur.
Abraham(39b) Susino(40) Susnabar y Aguirre(6a) Sussan(35) Sussi(11 31/5/16 40) Sustiel(11 12 31/5/16) Sutlam(29) Sutro(18) Sutuel(42) Suyllam(22) Suzarte(1 9) Suzi(11 31/5/16) Swart Jan 39b)Toledo, Isak(39a) Sylva Bravo da(30) Sylva de(36) Sylva e Diogo Silva da(30) Sylva(2 5) Sylvera Roza da(30) Symons(2) T Tabares(2 6c.
This book provides genealogy information about many of the more famous Sephardic families of Iberia, England and Amsterdam.If your family comes jednoręki bandyta za free from the area served by etsi, this magazine is worth while.The names are extracted from the research of an Austalian,.Most of these names, if not all, appear to be original Sephardic names not changed by conversion.This IS your sephardic names search engine.This book lists Sephardic movers and shakers during the period.This publication contains a list of 517 Sephardic families punished by the inquisition in Portugal and Brazil.(40) The Circumcision Register of Isaac and Abraham De Paiba (1715-1775) from the Achives of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation of Bevis Marks (London.The list provides the year of arrival and entry point into Argentina.(17) From the book, "Hebrews of the Portuguese Nation by Miriam Bodian.43 (C) indentifies converso anmes.The site is presented as a memorial to the Jews of tarazona.FP 2000, Adelaide, 5th Australia.Wonderful family trees, well detailed, are provided in the three volumes.m/EnchantedForest/1321 (31/volume number/issue number) For example (31/3/8) Esti volume 3, issue8.(29) "Sangre Judia" Jewish Blood by Pere Bonnin.