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Starbound racial abilities mod

starbound racial abilities mod

"description" : Disclaimer: Any character, while FR is installed, will have the effects for their race applied without prompting you.
Quality is extremely important to me, and so the mod is incredibly polished, and everything you find in this mod will feel like a natural part of the game.
Here's a small selection of the vast amount of content available: -Hundreds of new, racially-themed decorative objects -New crafting tables, and dozens of new crafting materials for all races -Dozens of new weapons, canadian jackpot winner dies after gold plating his balls and multiple new weapon archetypes for you to find and craft -Dozens.Human: make stimpacks from things you have lying around!Floran: Regenerate energy faster in sunlight, slowly regenerate health, then tenderize and eat meat raw!Their lack of traditional feet makes them poor swimmers, and they can experience meltdowns from staying in hot environments for too long.This is completely optional, of course: your subscription to the mod is quite enough for me!Nn* does not require FrackinUniverse *nnnnRacial Abilities can be found here: mlnnracial weakness script by Fueledbycancer "includes" : "FrackinUniverse "SlimeRaceMod "Inkling Race Mod "saturnians "Draconis Race(Humanoid Dragon Race "Deerfolk Race Mod "kirhos "kitsunerace "tirastrolls "skath "WIP: The Viera of Ivalice "Mauskin "peglaci "Arachne Race Mod.This cannot be avoided.Toros on the starbound forums.If you have a question about the mod, please have a look at this list before asking!Glitch: Resist low temperatures and never starve.
These locations are filled with quests, merchants and hidden secrets for you to find, and act as the central hubs for much of the mod's content: Besides the new playable races, the mod adds a massive amount of new content to the game, all.They are very hardy in irradiated environments, benefiting from radiation instead of being injured.If you have a character and this mod, they get their racial bonus.Some are made by me, other by members of the community, but all will enhance your experience!Odds are, I'm either willing to make the edits for you, or add new features to my mod.All decorative objects, weapons, vehicles, quests etc.All races have their own crafting progression, unique weapons and tiered armour, randomly generated settlements and anything else you'd expect from a new Starbound race.I have a Patreon page for those who wish to support the mod with a small monthly donation, which also comes with a few nice rewards!Some are detrimental, while others are great to have.File credits, thanks to Chucklefish for making such an easily modded game.This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points, hi everyone!This mod aims to provide new content for every type of player - even if you don't like playing as custom races, you'll get a lot of value out of this mod!Are available to players of all races!Each race (including many player-made ones) has various abilities.