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T20 set bonus shaman

Both Demonology, Destruction and Affliction single target tier designs seem very well designed, but it seems like affliction tier has zero benefit in cleaving situations.
Reply With", 09:41 PM #3, originally Posted by, unidus, ele one is worthless.
Reply With", 02:34 AM #18 Originally Posted by wrynil Item - Shaman T20 Elemental 2P Bonus (New) While Fire Elemental is active, your Flame Shock deals 75 increased damage over time and always critically strikes.Wonder if primal elementalist might come out on admiral casino slot games top because.We already use CL on fights with more than 1 mob, so i don't see how you can stack CL high enough to warrant switching out the previous tier Reply With", 02:26 AM #15 Originally Posted by Unidus My flame shock ticks every.5seconds.Add on to that any multiple target dot ticks and you could be possibly popping them out every minute or even less on 3 target cleave fights.Reply With", 12:56 AM #13 2set t19 with 4set t20 sounds like it would synergize really well for enhancement.Hi, this is my first thread here.Reply With", 02:27 AM #16 So what's the point of the entire CL tier row with those bonuses?So i got a bit more invested into resto shaman and wondered if there is a point at which T9 2Set Bonus would outperform the benefit of ilevel251 or even ilevel264 no-set gear.That damage increase really wont ever stack high enough because of our relatively low SB proc chance.
This is why I'm a Heroic raider.Reply With", 02:32 AM #17 Originally Posted by Claptrap Reduce the cooldown of Fire Elemental.0 sec when Flame Shock periodic damage deals a critical strike.Enhance AoE was on the weak side from what ive read so hopefully it will be strong with the 4pce.Last edited by Rawklobster; at 09:38.2017 at 7:36 PM, elmurufdd said: i see marks hunter will still wear 2 set t19 cuz t20 blows.Also if it should come down to that (way too early to tell of course I would hate to run Nighthold every ID just to maybe get a high enough upgrade, if they decide to let it roll higher than 925 or whatever the current.Item - Shaman T20 Restoration 4P Bonus (New) When Riptide's initial heal critically strikes, the healing of your next Healing Rain is increased.