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Tiles bonus rimworld

Cabbage Salad: 5 cabbage can be combined with 5 vegetables to make a salad.
Bellows: Speeds up the crafting speed of the forge and charcoal pit.
To work the mod requires HugsLib 09/30/2018.
Smoked Meat: Like grilled meals, but last for 20 days before rotting.Has a good flavor and lasts 21 days before rotting.Vinegar: Fermented berries provide a liquid for preserving vegetables.Mod Item List Selector for Rimworld adds a simple resource allocation function.Glowstone: Forge can be used to weld Glowstones and make Glowstone Tiles.Embrasures, Palisades, Improved Smithy - parking casino de barcelona Improved Smithy Research Topic - The Picts, a neolithic tribe historically located in medieval scotland.Cheese Barrel: Allows curdled milk to be made into cheese.
Mod Detailed Body Textures for Rimworld replaces standard body textures for more detailed ones.(In some cases just slightly altering original artwork) Future Updates to Include Buildable Cover - Siege Equipment - More Shields *WIP* - New Factions.e.Camp Table: A lightweight table for making simple things like a shemagh, salads, or pickles.Clicking in the upper left corner of the specific.By continuing to use lttlword, you accept our use of cookies, revised.

Shemagh: A large cloth wrapped around the head which can cover the face when needed.
Turnips last for a long time, but the greens dont.